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March 2017 Property Bulletin


  1. Plots of land at Mainland Estate, Mowe-Ofada                                         5m

  2. 19plots at Orimedu, Ibeju-Lekki                                                                      4m

  3. 32plots of land behind Pan Africa University Eleko, Ibeju-Lekki         1m

  4. 2acres of land at Elerangbe, Ibeji-Lekki                                                       900k

  5. 1acre of land at Ibeju-Agbe                                                                         5m – 2.5m

  6. Acres of land Oshoroko, Free Trade Zone                                                   2m

  7. 2plots of land at Eputu                                                                                        10m

  8. Plots of land at Awoyaya                                                                                   7-12m

  9. Plots of land at Abijo                                                                                            4-7m

  10. 4plots of land behind Forte Oil, LBS                                                        20m asking

  11. Plots of land Opp LBS, after Abraham Adesanya                                 30m asking

  12. 2plots of land at Okun Mopo, after Atican, Ajah                                            3m


  1. 3bedroom bungalow with 3miniflat and 6 shops at Ishrin-Oshun    22m asking

  2. 4nos 3bedroom flats at Badore, Ajah                                                       55m asking

  3. 5bedroom duplex with bq by Abraham Adesanya Roundabout          60m asking

  4. 4bedroom fully detached duplex at Ogidan, Ajah                                       35m

  5. 2nos 4bedroom bungalow at Ogidan, Ajah                                                   30m

  6. 2bedroom with a miniflat at Sangotedo-Ajah                                             10m

  7. Newly built 6nos 2bedroom flat at Majek, Ajah                                    55m asking

  8. Bungalow with 2bed, 2nos miniflat & Roomself at Lakowe             15m asking

  9. 2nos uncompleted 3bedroom flat at Lakowe, Ibeju                                    13m

  10. Bungalow with 2bed and 2nos miniflat at Shapati                            12m asking


  1. Newly built executive 3bedroom flats at Mairan, Abule-Egba              450k

  2. 6bedroom duplex with 2nos 3bedroom bq at Ajah                                      6m

  3. 3bedroom flats at Abraham Adesanya Estate, Ajah                           800 – 1.3m

  4. Newly built 2bedroom flat at Ogumbo, via Abraham Adesanya         550k

  5. Newly built 6nos 3bedroom serviced apartment at Olokonla             5m

  6. Newly built 6nos 3bedroom flat at Awoyaya, Ajah                                600k

  7. Newly built 4nos 3bedroom flat behind Mayfair, Awoyaya                550k

  8. Newly built 2nos 2bedroom flats behind mayfair, Awoyaya              450k

  9. 3bedroom flat behind Golden Park, Ogidan-Ajah                                 600k

  10. 6nos 3bedroom flats at Lakowe, Ibeju-Lekki                                         600k

  11. 300sqm of office space at Oribanwa, Opp Mobil station                       2m

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