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Available for sale in Lakowe-Awoyaya, Ajah

☑Plots of land behind Green spring Schools, Awoyaya…4 – 6million ☑Plots of Land behind Mayfair Gardens Estate…3 – 5million

☑Bungalow on a full plot of land with a mini flat and a self contain at Awoyaya…10million asking

☑ Plot of land with a bungalow facing express at Eputu….25million

☑ 2bedroom bungalow on a 2plots of land at Eputu…15million

☑2nos uncompleted 3bedroom bungalow, built and roofed at Lakowe….13million asking

☑ Bungalow on a plot of land with 2bedroom detached bungalow, 2nos mini flat and 2nos room self con at Lakowe….15million asking

☑ Plots of land on Golf road, Lakowe…6 – 8million

☑8 plots of land at Bogije facing express…35m p/p

☑Bungalow on a half plot with 2bedroom and 2no mini flat at Imaletalafia, Bogije….10million

☑Plots of land at Alahun Village, Shapati…3 – 4million For enquiries and inspections:

☎Asgaf Realtors

08065329702, 08114966860

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