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Buying land from Omo-Onile….the most cheapest and risky

Buying land from Omo-Onile is very cheap and the most risky land sellers in Nigeria

Omo-Onile simply means the first settler in a particular location,lot of them migrate from a particular area either to come and farm or to settle, civilisation bring development to them,they realised,they can make money with what they have.

When buying a land that belongs to Omo-Onile, it is important to verify the family that has got actual rights over the land. This can be done by talking to people who have bought land in the area. When paying for the land, it is also important to ensure that all members of the family (immediate or extended) are present and a photograph or video session is arranged. It is also advisable to immediately take physical possession of the land after making payments. By physical possession, it means the buyer should either build a fence round the plot or start the actual construction of a house. That is the only way to properly secure the land from being resold by the Shylocks among the Omo-Onile.

Ways to free yourself for their troubles …

1. Make your search: A search in Lagos State which could be electronic (imputing the number on the title into the Registry’s computer) or manual (looking through manually archived copies assisted by an official of the Registry) is done at the Lagos State Lands Registry located within the Lagos Lands Bureau, Block 13/ 14 Alausa Secretariat Ikeja. The Registry is the custodian of all registered land instruments in Lagos (apart from Federal Land) which include Deeds of Assignments, Leases, Subleases, Mortgages, Releases and Assents, Orders of Court/Judgments, Purchase Receipts and Certificates of Occupancy amongst others. While the presentation of a copy of the title or number by which it has been registered with is sufficient to detect imperfections on the title like whether there is a mortgage on it, litigation or has been sold to someone else during a search, an original copy of the title will have to be used for a search to detect whether it has been cloned or not. A search simply help to cross check for errors in signature, passport photographs, registered numbers and several other printed errors on the title.

2. Involve an expert: A lawyer, Surveyor and Architect are the 3 most important people you must get in touch with before you buy a land. The lawyer is the only one that can draw up your contract papers legally. Any other landed document drawn up by any other person is null and void and you would not be allowed to process your papers at the Land registry. Secondly, a Registered Surveyor is the only one that can draw up your survey plans. Without the survey plan you have no description of the land you intend to buy. Use only a registered surveyor please and finally, an Architect is the one who would advise you on the type of house you are to build and the cost of putting up that structure starting from the location of the land down to the type of soil. Don’t do self service. Engage professionals to guide you properly.

3. Make a physical possession: By physical possession, it means the buyer should either build a fence round the plot or start the actual construction of a house. That is the only way to properly secure the land from being resold by the shylocks among the Omo-Onile. You don’t have to do 9 coaches, just 2 or 3 is enough to mark-out your land so that any prospective buyer of the land knows that it has already being bought and should stay clear of it. Pour gravel or sand there, do a well on the site and visit if frequently. Hire a private security guard (Mai-Guard) to watch over the land till you have money to build something tangible. Also, titles to Omo-Onile land are usually family receipts or survey plan. Before making payments, chart the Survey Plan if it is available. It should be done at the Lagos State Surveyor General’s Office. This is to check for the status of the land – whether it is acquired or free from acquisition. It is never advisable to buy a land that has been acquired by the Government. Involve a Land Surveyor at this stage of the transaction. He has the instruments/compass that can be used to know the coordinates (direction located in map) of where the land falls into and he has his colleagues at the surveyor general’s office in Alausa Ikeja who he can easily call to get useful information on the condition of your proposed site. If there is a survey for the plot before, then do the photocopy and check by yourself at the surveyor general’s office Alausa, those guys there may eventually do it free for you at most you only need to pay N2, 000 to N5, 000.

4. Survey plan: A land survey plan is a specialized map of a parcel of land, created by thoroughly examining and measuring the property. It determines and delineates boundary locations, building locations, physical features and other items of spatial importance. More than just a diagram of the property, a land survey plan is an important legal document that displays the exact legal borders of the property and applicable aspects of the registered title.Creating a land survey is a rigorous procedure involving research, analysis and computation to produce a computer-drawn plan. Plans are drawn in accordance with professional standards, reviewed and approved by an OLS, and subject to peer review through the industry’s governing body. The resulting survey plan depicts:property size and shape underlying legal lot pattern location of right of ways and easements designation of pertinent ownership documents and more. Survey plans often reveal hidden deficiencies such as building encroachments and property dimensions that do not correspond with the descriptions included in the deed.

5. Deed of Assignment: In real property transactions, a deed of assignment is a legal document that transfers the interest of the owner of that interest to the person to whom it is assigned, the assignee. When ownership is transferred, the deed of assignment shows the new legal owner of the property. Use a good lawyer to prepare a Power of Anthony (Deed of Assignment) for the key member of the family to sign. Both the parties will sign

6.Perfect your documents: Approach the state govt for the processing of the C of O .This can take some period of time before you can get it done. A lot of land owners and developers that are selling land in Lagos,this how they go about it.

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